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We know from customer surveys that, on average, every employee has creatd at least one team. We also found that 41% of these teams could be inactive for more than 90 days, with 22% of them having fewer than two owners. This is a big problem that gets even bigger when these teams contain collaborators. With Powell Teams, our customers see powerful, tangible benefits such as… half the number of teams per employee Half of malicious teams (inactive, appreciatd access, public, etc.) Rducd IT workload managing teams by more than 78%.

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microsoft-teams-health-check What’s includd?  A complete audit of your Microsoft Teams environment from a governance perspective  Within Latest Mailing Database hours of installing Powell Teams, you will experience: How many teams are in your tenant? How many potentially “harmful” teams are there? teams with guest access, teams with missing owners, Inactive teams 90 days), Public Teams How does this happen.

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Install Powell Teams (from the Microsoft Teams App Store) and work with your global admin as you ned consent for the app to work, In less DT Leads than 24 hours you can review your health check report in our admin dashboard We will then discuss your results with our Microsoft team in a one-hour workshop. We will work with you to create roadmaps for team governance and management. Basd on the findings, we will propose an action plan that includes 14 days of free use of Powell Teams. We’re confident you’ll see just how easy it is to implement a framework for teams governance.

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