Discover Brand Voice Examples that Bring Success to Businesses

One of the goals of branding is to create a unique brand voice that stands out from competitors.
After all, in today’s competitive marketing world,  to you losing out on business and revenue as customers go towards other companies.
While you may know that a brand voice is an important tool to have in order to create well-rounded branding in your company, you might not know where to begin.
Thankfully, there are plenty of brand voice examples from other brands that you can use to inspire your brand voice creation.

What Exactly is Brand Voice and Why Does It Matter

When thinking of brand voice examples, most people would assume the word “aggressive” never really comes up.
However, the motorcycle company Harley-Davidson demonstrates that for the right audience and product, there isn’t any descriptive word that can’t work.
The brand uses a somewhat aggressive and confident Ws Database brand voice to emphasize the power of the product and challenges audiences to be bold enough to purchase it.
While not for every brand, it works well for Harley-Davidson audiences.
6. Coca-Cola
It’s a major leader in the beverages industry and has had the same brand voice for over a century, making it a great brand voice example of consistency over time.

Coca-Cola has a brand voice that focuses on positivity and friendliness.

Their marketing and messaging are full of examples of happy lives made better with a drink of Coke, which over time has helped to build a strong connection between the product and good times.


15 Brand Voice Examples

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Mailchimp, a popular platform for email marketing, has a brand voice that is amusing and informal.

This might seem like it doesn’t fit with their SaaS platform, but it actually creates a unique connection to customers and uses off-beat humor and genuine messaging to connect on a personal level to their audiences.

However, Mailchimp also emphasizes that DT Leads jokes in messaging and communication should come naturally, rather than be forced to happen.

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