What does “natural” or direct language mean

Basically. ChatSpot is able to understand text or voice requests such as. for example. “add contact Mario Rossi to my CRM and create a follow-up task” or “create a report on monthly website visits”. ChatSpot works using a combination of information from the different integrated artificial intelligence tools. providing a precise and immediate response. Download our guide now to find out how to use Marketing Automation: lead generation and benefits for your business! Practical applications of ChatSpot in Marketing. Sales.

CRM and Reporting chatspot Let's

Get to company operations. listing the strengths of this new tool based on the different areas of application. Marketing ChatSpot africa email list  allows you to: Create and optimize content for blogs. social media. emails and landing pages; Identify the main topics of interest to your customers and segment the target audience; Build an intelligent SEO strategy in order to improve the visibility of your site; Analyze the performance of marketing campaigns and detect opportunities for improvement.

Sales Manage customer activities and interactions

Within the HubSpot CRM; Follow the sales process from the lead to the closing of the deal; Obtain information about potential customers. such as geographical location. sector and budget. CRM Automate processes within the CRM; Personalize interactions with customers based on detailed information about their profile and past interactions; Monitor the health of your customer database. Reporting Create detailed reports on marketing and sales activities;   DT Leads Monitor the performance of campaigns and sales teams; Identify market trends and business opportunities. You might be interested in: “Marketing Automation Software: why choose HubSpot” Conclusions and critical analysis Chat Spot is currently still in the testing phase.

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