VP of Marketing Job Duties Salary and Career Path

A VP of marketing oversees an organization’s marketing efforts as they progress from strategy to execution. This executive plays a huge role in achieving a company’s revenue goal.

“I just got a job as the VP of marketing” is a line that almost every new marketer would like to say at some point in their caree. There are several reasons why:

Job applicants face a lot of competition.
The opportunities are few and far between.
Qualifications may not match the job description.
Applicants don’t know the role of a marketing VP.
While some of the reasons stated above are beyond your control, you can increase the chance of landing your dream VP of marketing role when you understand the responsibilities tied to the job and have matching qualifications—two factors that you can control.

What Does the Role of VP of Marketing Entail

A VP of marketing is a professional who leads, critiques and authorizes every marketing effort of an organization. They Whatsapp Database are responsible for the company’s market position and lead the charge to outperform competitors.

VPs of marketing are professionals and executives who have risen from entry-level roles because it is essential to have extensive experience from throughout the ranks of the teams they oversee.

Equipped with these unique experiences, you can make better decisions and create an idea workflow process that includes every team member.

You can become a VP of marketing by applying for the role or gaining a promotion based on prior achievements at a company.

According to Glassdoor, a vice president of marketing makes $182,010 on average. Depending on the industry and organization, this base pay can soar as high as $374,431.

What Are the Responsibilities of a VP of Marketing?
VPs of marketing plan, set goals, receive progress reports, and supervise execution. Marketing campaigns reflect the wishes and intentions of this VP.There is a myriad of roles that the VP of marketing has to play. These include the following:

Set marketing goals and objectives.
Serve on the company’s board as a marketing executive.
Communicate with other teams and set the standards for collaboration.
Oversee resource allocation and management within the marketing team.
Hire, train, and evaluate team members and subteams in the marketing department.
Develop, analyze, and implement strategies to get the best out of marketing campaigns.
Establish branding guidelines and standards for marketing operations and collaborations.
Review the budget demands of the marketing department and submit such requests to higher-ups.
Analyze the market for existing products, study trends, and monitor the performance of ongoing campaigns.

What’s the daily routine of a VP of marketing like

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The daily working routine of this vice president depends on several factors. It varies occasionally, such as when a new campaign or product launch draws near. 

You’d expect to perform the following daily activities as a marketing VP:

  • Hold daily meetings and standups with team leads and members.
  • Plan marketing DT Leads events and improve the strategies for ongoing campaigns.
  • Delegate tasks to suit the needs and goals of the department.

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