Do you run a home improvement store blog

Fits like a glove Tailor your content to your audience. It sounds obvious, but there is still a strange belief to write to everyone and not limit yourself. To everyone means to no one, so specify the style, content, topics.? If women ag – prominate among your readers, write about novelties in arranging apartments and colors of the season according to Pantone. For men ag – , assembly tips and DIY tutorials will be more useful content. Utility and nes of the public Answer the question: what are the nes of your audience.

The war on duplicates

Then think about the type of content that will be most attractive and useful to her. And then just start making content according to the new whatsapp mobile number list arrangements. To Apparently, the current twenty- and thirty-year-olds are the copy-paste generation. Copying fragments or the whole thing, clumsy paraphrase, lack of ideas to implement a topic in an original approach – this is just the tip of the iceberg that content managers have to face every day. If you don’t want your content Titanic to sink, then you have to muster originality, freshness and famous panache and finesse. The visual side Most people are visual learners.

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The text should be readable

The popularity of sites such as Pinterest a long time ago or Instagram good streak continues is proof that aesthetics and beautiful photos are sometimes DT Leads enough to conquer the hearts of millions of Internet users. In the text before publication, add bold, bullet lists, spacing.  readable, of course. SEO + content = BWM Content marketing and SEO are an inseparable duo. For an SEO specialist, these are clichés, but for a person who is starting their adventure with content or e-marketing, these simple rules can clear their minds.

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