Preferably directly from the creators

Authentication types can be combin, so authorization can consist of select user accounts, user groups and IP addresses. Most WordPress users cannot imagine using this CMS without using various types of themes and plugins. However, their choice is not always simple. I will try to suggest what to pay attention to when choosing components for your website, so that they fulfill their functions and their users do not come across any surprises. So what should you follow? Contents [ hide ] Only download WordPress plugins and themes from a trust source Pay attention to details The theme is uneven But how much does it all weigh? Or maybe something custom made.

It is worth taking care

Only download WordPress plugins and themes from a trust source This seems quite obvious, but unfortunately it is often overlook. Sometimes, for phone number list example, in order to save some money, we download tools from unreliable sources here you really have to be careful, because these websites often look like professional services. So where do you download the tools from? As with all software – preferably directly from the manufacturer’s website . For free themes and plugins, this is the WordPress repository. When it comes to paid plugins and themes, or from websites such as .

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The select plugin has the functions

Pay attention to details not only that we care about, e.g. adding a slider to the page, but also that it does it well and correctly. Therefore, when choosing an DT Leads extension or theme, it is worth paying attention to such things as : number of downloads, date of last update, rating. I remember when during one of the WordUps, a certain host ask the audience if he thought that a plugin with , downloads and a rating of . , it is a good and safe plugin.

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