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So is the press release. It shuns evaluation, presents facts and is not a form of intrusive advertising. Don’t have time/can’t write press releases? Leave it to us – we’ll do it professionally! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you The press release was and will be neee for several other reasons. In the life of every company there are events and facts that cannot be presente in a content marketing article or blog entry. There are cases that require seriousness, high precision and quick delivery of specific information. Imagine that your company – known and value on the market – is undergoing major personnel changes.

A Given Target Group Buys

You want to inform your audience that a new product will be launche soon. Changing the logo? Have you receive some prestigious award? Are you whatsapp mobile number list organizing a fair or a large event? Such examples can be multiplie indefinitely and in each of these cases a press release will be the best way to convey information. A press release is a very effective tool, so there is no reason to give it up. SEO and the press release Positioning for selecte key phrases is most often associate with building websites and content marketing.

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Your Company S Product

There is nothing strange about it, because this is where the words that are suppose to help the company achieve high results in the search DT Leads ranking appear most often. However, SEO can go much further, and in conjunction with PR activities – maximize the effects. A press release is a great way to use techniques known from positioning and using keywords, so whenever there is an opportunity to include relate phrases in it, it is worth using it. The fact that the very structure of the press release is very specific may seem problematic. You nee to include the elements we mentione above, and at the same time maintain the appropriate format. Where is the place for SEO here.

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